Deathwish MX Bars


These new DW high MX bars were designed to ensure comfort for everyday riding as well as strength and performance for stunt riding. The bars come pre-drilled and set up for internal wiring. They have a 1½” pullback in the rise and a 10 degree pullback at the wrist angle. Unlike most other bars on the market, these come standard with ½” x 20 threaded bungs that are 1½” tall to provide much more clamping power than your average stock set up. They also come with grade 8, ½” x 20 x 3 bolts. These bars are powder coated with a high quality, gloss black finish. All of our bars are proudly made right here in North Carolina, USA.

• 1.25” x .125” wall DOM
• 1” x .125” wall DOM
• 33” wide
• 14” tall at grips
• 1” pullback
• 10 degree wrist angle
• 1 ½” pullback in the rise
• ½” x 20 x 1 ½” tall bungs
• Bolts and wire grommets provided